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Families and SUD

The effects by substance use disorder (SUD) are felt by the whole family

Often times battling with a substance use disorder is viewed as an individual personal experience, we view it this way because we see the tragic effects that using these substances have on the user. By only seeing the surface we don't realize the effects and take into consideration the other people involved. Spouses, children and parents may all be impacted by the way addiction effects the family.

There are many effects that go along with addiction, it's not only the deterioration of physical appearance that we so often see, even though it is difficult seeing a loved one loose weight at a rapid pace, often times we don't realize that peaceful homes are being flipped upside down, communication between loved ones becomes difficult, trust begins to dissipate, marriages end, some families even turn to secrecy to mask and hide what is going on inside their homes.

These experiences and scenarios could lead to traumas, not only for the individual struggling but for their families and loved ones as well. These shocks can cause an individual to endure severe trauma and develop unhealthy coping mechanisms like codependent behaviors.

SUD not only effects the individual but everyone around them.

Some negative impacts could be:

• Side effects brought on by using

• Withdrawal

• Strained relationships

• Financial hardships

• Aggresive behaviors

• Stealing money and/or property

• Causing grief within the family (parental grief)

Luckily, there is help available. Treatment providers can answer any questions you may have.

-Joey Simonelli

Owner at A Vision For Hope

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