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Joe Simonelli

Owner / Founder

At a young age I was introduced to substances. The lifestyle I was getting involved in seemed to be "normal" in the environment I was growing up in. Little did I know it was deeper than that, I was looking for a solution to myself in those substances. Meanwhile my dreams, relationships and health took a back seat, Those things weren't a priority anymore. I lost all focus of the things that were once important to me. My family started to distance themselves, I had no more friends I could call and I found myself alone, hopeless and depressed. This hopeless feeling soon propelled me into seeking treatment, I tried every imaginable way. After 50+ treatment programs, it finally clicked, I found a way to do some necessary work on myself which gave me a whole new outlook on life, an outlook that showed me that substances weren't my problem, I was. After having this experience I grew a passion for helping others out of the same situation i was once in, This is where "A Vision For Hope" came from. 

Rob Bruno

Program Director

I never truly knew how unhappy and miserable my life was until I got sober and

experienced true happiness for myself. I tried to fill voids and quite my emotions until the

point where it all piled up and my life was unmanageable, I destroyed relationships with the people that loved me the most and lost all trust. I found A Vision For Hope and they guided me through the 12 steps where I found a solution to myself. I was able to do some work on myself and found a happy meaningful life, Shortly after graduating I was asked to be the program director where i am now able to spread the same message i received to show others they can experience the same joy and happiness I get to enjoy today.

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