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When I first came to A Vision For Hope I was broken and lost for the 1000th time. My life had become completely unmanageable and I wondered if I would ever figure out how to stay sober. I had been given the choice to go to a “normal” sober house or get into the work at A Vision for Hope. I had been through the 12 steps in the past, but never applied them to all aspects of my life and had been stuck in an endless cycle of attending meetings and ultimately relapsing. I knew I needed the structure that AVFH would provide along with the solution for my alcoholism. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the other residents who offered to cook me dinner and helped make me feel at home. Various alumni with long term sobriety were always coming by the house and it was encouraging to see former residents staying sober and helping the new guys. Today, I am able to live a sober lifestyle free of the mental obsession that dominated my life for years. Not only that, but I am now able to help the other newcomers to this program find a new way of life. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for this program and all it has given me.

- LT

On February 22nd I walked into the door of A Vision For Hope, Broken, hurt, and sick. What I had found there was something I hadn’t experienced much of in my everyday lifestyle . I found Kindness from strangers. People who did not know a thing about me besides the fact that I was in need of help. From that blossomed a willingness for me to try harder and gave me hope that one day I can be where these people are. Nearly 10 months later my time is coming to an end and, I am not the same 21 year old kid who barely walked in those doors, but a man with a plan to do better. In my time here I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to manage a house , be there for my family, make genuine connections with others, further my schooling for work , earn a raise , and become a god-parent and uncle. For that I am forever grateful

- Ryan P

When I first came to A Vision For Hope I was broken. The life I had been living had put me "through the ringer". My life was completely unmanageable and self reliance had failed me for many years when trying to battle my addiction. I knew, from past experience, that a 12-step solution and reliance on a power greater than myself was to be my only solution. AVFH provided me with a such support for my problem. The care, compassion and knowledge that was so freely given to me by the staff and residents at AVFH, has given me a priceless gift. Today I am truly happy. Today, because of what was given to me, I am able to help others over come their hopeless conditions. I could try to express my gratitude for what this program has given me but I can not muster the words. So Today, I will give back what was given to me.

- Bruce

During my time living at the phase two residence at A Vision for Hope, I felt nothing but love and support from the people around me. Though it was a structured environment, I was never pushed to do anything, I was only met with understanding and encouragement from Rob and the other staff members. I've suffered from addiction for many years and I've found the best approach to helping others recover from their addiction is through compassion and empathy, and thats how I was treated there. I am indebted to these men for helping save my life and I would recommend anyone seeking treatment go to AVFH.

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